NHS Travel Vaccinations

The following vaccinations are commonly required for many holiday destinations and are free of charge on the NHS:






These can be administered by our Practice Nurse in the surgery, if required.


If you require any of the above vaccinations, please request a prescription in advance and make an appointment with the Practice Nurse for the vaccines to be administered.


Other vaccinations may be necessary for more exotic or unusual destinations, complex travel itinerary, or long-stay vacations. These need to be administered in a private travel health clinic, for which there will be a charge.  Also, if you prefer to have all vaccinations done at the one location the private clinics are able to provide the vaccines in bold above, but they will also charge for these.  It is the individual’s responsibility to ascertain which vaccinations and, if relevant, anti-malaria tablets they need and also to make themselves fully aware of recommended travel safe precautions. 


The NHS Fit for Travel website at www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk, will provide all the information relevant to the country you are visiting and is straightforward to use. Our Practice Nurse will no longer offer appointments for travel advice. The extent of the travel advice she provides will be to administer the vaccinations above, available on the NHS.

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